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BTB Team // 26th June 2019

Tapas Brindisa Shoreditch Review by Lori Campbell


Brindisa’s background

London tends to oversaturate with Prosecco, eggs and smashed avocado brunch spots. Thats why I felt so incredibly refreshed to visit Tapas Brindisa Shoreditch! A Spanish restaurant branch offering something completely different to other brunch spots. They’ve opened five very different venues, giving visitors noticeably different experiences when enjoying each one. I fondly remember visiting their London Bridge restaurant for my first experience of tapas outside of Spain. It magically keeps alive the feeling of being in the heart of Spanish mainland.


Bottomless Brunch London


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Setting the scene

Tapas Brindisa maintains the ethos of each location offering something different to customers. Only the Shoreditch branch showcases their authentic Spanish paella brunch on Saturdays throughout the summer. To top it off, it possesses seating options to accommodate all preferences. With aesthetic window seating , huge countertop dining (tick) and a heated courtyard (double tick).


My brunch experience

We decided to sit by the window and were very promptly presented with a bottle of Cava. Theres also an option for Sangria or Cava Sangria. In my opinion, it makes for a relaxing brunch experience when the bottle remains on your table. Considering theres no guzzling your glass while searching for the waiter for your next top up. You can really sit back and enjoy the company you’re brunching with. So far, Tapas Brindisa Shoreditch has a big yes from me straight away.


cava sangria


Properly portioned paella

We devoured our vegetarian starters and opted for the Seafood.  We were then presented by an impressively large paella dish to share! The food tasted amazing, and plentiful for the two of us. Like I said before, its such a welcome change to have an unorthodox brunch menu. Not only with different drink choices, but a tapas feast you also don’t normally find.


healthy eating paella seafood shoreditch


Bang for your buck!

At £35pp, Tapas Brindisa Shoreditch provides a reasonably priced brunch offering in London. I have on many occasions paid over double that for less food and drink. Of course we didn’t leave without sharing a jug of yummy sangria!… I’m telling myself the Sangrias the reason for my hangover the next day… shhhhh!

Written by Lori Cambell (IG: @mybossbuysmelunch)