About Tonight Josephine's Birmingham - Beyoncé Brunch

The Queen Bey of all brunches, you’ve got 45 minutes to get all dressed up and 90 minutes to see off free-flowing cocktails.


Choose from Aperol Spritz, Vodka Collins or Gin Fizz. Hosted by the hottest Beyoncé on the scene and her band of bad-ass backing dancers, this is drag drenched evening packed full of the Naughtiest Girls.


You’ll be singing for your supper, literally, with debaucherous dance-offs, sassy sing-a-longs and the tastiest menu to hit the charts.


Don’t worry about the Bills, Bills, Bills, because with tickets coming in at a tasty £39 the only thing that’ll jiggle is that arse of yours.


Band together your Single Ladies & bag your tickets. You’d BEY crazy to miss it.


The venue operates a 18+ only policy, so make sure to carry your IDs if required.

Meal and Drinks Alternatives

Gluten Free

Please place allergen details in “additional information” box on check out

What guests are saying:


£55 seemed a lot for a short space of time and we didn’t really get our moneys worth as we only had 3 or 4 drinks each


The whole experience has been extremely disappointing, as the Mamma Mia booking we made was cancelled and we had an alternative venue and event offered in replacement, which was not what we had planned, booked or paid for. The service that we experienced at the alternative venue was poor as we had to eventually contact the Manager to enable my friend to have food as the waitress could not be bothered to deal with our request for a Gluten free pizza to be provided. All in all I will not use this website to book any future events as it is clear that the booking cannot be guaranteed.

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